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A Layered Look Will Help You Cook

Layered design is one of the hottest trends that is capturing the attention and imagination of homeowners in Dallas, TX and Denver, CO. Layered kitchen design involves looking at each element in the kitchen  – cabinets, countertops, appliances, range hoods, floorcoverings, wallcoverings, lighting, backslashes, etc. as a single layer.  Layering enables homeowners to add character, depth and interest to a new dream kitchen.

A primary reason why so many homeowners are attracted to a layered approach is that enables them to make a unique and personal design statement.  The kitchen reflects their dreams, tastes, and style.  Layering involves mixing textures, materials, and styles.  An example may pair white shaker cabinets with a veined marble top on an island that features midnight blue cabinets. Using different types and styles of cabinet hardware is another technique to bring different textures to achieve a layered look.  Specifying cabinet doors that are flush to the cabinet frame, commonly referred to as inset doors, is another common approach to create a layered look.

Homeowners in Colorado and Texas with larger spaces for kitchens also gravitate toward kitchen designs that feature different cabinet styles.  In a large space, using the same style can be overwhelming and cold.  With open floor plan layouts, a layered approach pays particular attention to the transition from one room to another.  Success is often contingent on consistency of imagery. Using the same metal finishes on cabinet hardware in the kitchen as lamps or end tables in the living room creates the consistency that homeowners expect and deserve. Consistency can also be achieved in the kitchen by matching accessories with surface materials such as pairing a large wood cutting board and wooden bowls that have the same finish as wood cabinets.

A two-tiered island also helps to achieve a layered look because it provides the opportunity to mix and match colors, materials and textures and enhance the functionality of the space. Two-tiered Island create a focal point in a new kitchen and create different work zones for preparing meals, working, eating or entertaining.

Taking a layered approach to your new kitchen requires understanding how to maximize the use of the space to produce different layers that provide depth, character, and wow.  Each element complements the other which allows homeowners to create a dream kitchen that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Will a layered approach be the best approach for you?  Give us a call at any of our six Dallas and Denver locations or make an appointment to visit and let us show you how to use texture, color, materials, and design creativity to make a unique and personal design statement in your new dream kitchen.

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