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Design Trends From Cersaie
design trends

Cersaie is an important international exhibition because it reveals the design trends of tomorrow for kitchens, baths, and other rooms in the home that use ceramics, tile,  porcelain, and bathroom furnishings.   The top trends from Cersaie that will influence renovations for homeowners in Colorado are as follows:

Color Color Color

Splashes of color everywhere.  Bold colors were found in nontraditional products such as shower bases, radiators, and faucets.  This design trend allows homeowners in the metro Denver area to make personal design statements. Using color to escape from daily routines, and bring a natural vibe indoors through earth tones, pastels, and light shades of blue is a new trend.

Natural Elements

Connecting with natural elements expanded to tiles that resembled marble.  Featured were porcelain vanity tops that mimicked different shades of onyx, Carrara, Calcutta, and Verona red marble.   Additionally, there were tiles that looked like hardwood. The ability to connect with nature was also found in bathroom displays at Cersaie.  There were brightly colored floral tiles with tactile surfaces and jungle-style décor on display.

Combining smooth and textured surfaces for countertops, cabinet doors, and tile finishes was another strong trend at Cersaie.  Utilizing cutting-edge digital printing technologies, combined with a variety of glaze applications and textures transformed tile to provide the decorative and expressive qualities of wallpaper while boasting the durability and versatility of ceramic.

Tile & Texture Design Trends

The use of the same tile to transition from indoors to outdoors to create continuity between spaces was another hot design trend in Cersaie.

Large-format tiles as big as 10 feet by 10 feet also turned heads at Cersaie, enabling homeowners in Colorado to tile an entire bathroom or kitchen wall with a single slab.  And for wow, Cersaie showcased an innovative technology that featured a chef preparing and cooking a meal on a countertop where there was no burner to be found.  Instead, this technology integrates an induction cooking system into a countertop and transfers heat to cookware while the counter cool remains cool to the touch.  This technology is expected to come to the U.S. next year.

How will these new trends enable you to create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams?  The designers at Cabinet Warehouse are here to help. Give us a call or make an appointment or  to visit any of our showrooms,


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