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How to Stretch Kitchen Renovation Budgets

How much it will cost to renovate my kitchen ranks among the top questions homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado ask when they come to a showroom. The answer usually is the same, “that depends, because the cost of a kitchen remodel depends on the size of the space, the scope of the project and the design and product decisions made during the planning process. Despite spending weeks and months researching, few homeowners have a realistic grasp of the cost of a remodel due to the multiple variables involved or where to start. That’s okay. Designing dream kitchens, specifying products, and managing renovation projects are not skill sets that are easily acquired or often used by homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Those functions are professional services that homeowners expect and deserve from a professional showroom and talented designer.

Homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado can expect to spend 30 to 33% of their kitchen renovation budget on labor and 67 to 70% on materials. Looking to cut the budget on labor is penny wise and dollar foolish. There are opportunities, however, to stretch budget dollars on material choices, starting with cabinets. All cabinets provide a utilitarian function as a place to store stuff.  However, homeowners should know that cabinets are the most influential product in the aesthetic design of a kitchen. Cabinet cost is driven by door style, material and finish. Simply changing the style or finish of a cabinet can increase costs by 10 to 30%. Many homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado can stretch cabinet budget dollars by opting for semi-custom or stock cabinets without compromising the aesthetic and performance that they want. Have your designer explain the benefits and limitations of semi-custom and stock cabinets versus custom counterparts to determine if they are viable options for your kitchen renovation.

Countertops often represent the second highest product expenditure in the kitchen.  Budget stretching countertops include those made from porcelain that look and feel like stone, butcher block, recycled glass and even many homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado are pleasantly surprised by the price of certain granites.

Appliances are the third major expenditure for most kitchen remodels. Smart appliances provide a definite cool factor. However, if you don’t have an unlimited budget, determine if you need a dishwasher that tells you when you need to buy detergent or a refrigerator that can order groceries when needed.

Many homeowners in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado can create a wow factor in their new kitchens without breaking the bank by opting for a statement-making backsplash or light fixtures.  Cost-effective backsplash options range from everything between bold colored glass panels to dramatic glazed tiles. Using the same material for a backsplash as the countertop is another technique to keep costs in check without compromising style, look or feel. Don’t overlook the role cabinet hardware can play in a new kitchen. There’s a reason why it is considered the jewelry for the kitchen.  Have your designer select innovative pieces that will make your new kitchen look like a million bucks.

What’s the best way to stretch your kitchen renovation budget without compromising your ability to turn your dreams into a reality? Give us a call at our 6 Dallas or Denver locations or make an appointment to visit and let us show you how to create a kitchen that is the envy of the neighborhood without breaking the bank.

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