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Mirror Mirror on the Kitchen Wall
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Most homeowners in Denver Colorado don’t envision placing a mirror in their dream kitchen.  Mirrors in kitchens help to increase lighting levels and brightness, add depth and are a cost-effective means to make the space appear larger.

Mirrors in your Kitchen

There are multiple options to add mirrored surfaces to a kitchen.  A mirrored backsplash behind the range lets home chefs keep an eye on children, pets, and other family members when cooking or converse while entertaining friends without having to look at them face to face.

Using a mirror as a backsplash enables homeowners in Colorado to create a joint-free surface.  A range of colors is available that can coordinate with the desired aesthetic that Denver homeowners want to achieve.

Placing a mirror behind the sink reflects light which will make the kitchen feel more spacious, open, and bright.  This is a highly effective option to make smaller spaces appear and feel larger.

Different Styles to Match Kitchen Design

Mirrors are available in almost any finish and style option that coordinates with the design aesthetic homeowners in metro Denver want to achieve.  A tinted mirror compliments modern design.  Antique designs enhance a traditional motif.

Another option is to choose mirrored cabinet doors for wall cabinets that help to reflect light and create the impression of a more open, light-filled space. Selecting different finishes also can reduce the amount of care and maintenance needed to keep your mirrored cabinets looking like new.

Antique glass hides smudges and fingerprints and adds a touch of sophistication and character. This would be the perfect option if you were placing it over your sink or other high splash zones.

Reflective Surfaces

Other potential mirrored applications for new dream kitchens include reflective pendants, chandeliers and other types of light fixtures, mirrored subway tiles, panels, or traditional mirrors with a statement-making frame.

How can a mirrored surface brighten, enlarge and enhance your dream kitchen?  Give us a call or make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and let’s discuss if and how mirrors can make your dreams become a reality.


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